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Interior Designing And Advance The Role Of Technologies Ahead 2023

Whether it False Ceiling Interior Designer or other elements that answer the designing problems related to designing in this period. Many experienced Corporate Interior Designers have suggested some innovations that have already been born out of the coronavirus Global Crisis.

Here are to name a few

Hands-free Handles- Designed by professional false ceiling designers Ludhiana this is a simple device that helps you sneak out of public restrooms without touching the door Thanks to this device you can easily get into washrooms without touching the door handles and one of the major benefits for more than a few seconds from what you achieved by washing hands.

Self- Sanitizing Door Handle- If you are looking for an exciting, effective, and elegant solution to handle the door problem this is designed by Hongkong based students. It comes with a UV light chemical reaction that decomposes the bacteria. ...

... The self-sanitizing handle kills 99.8% of the microbes and uses the energy of the moving door to produce light. This is recommended by our professional False Ceiling Interior Designer

No-Touch Multitool- It helps in opening doors but extending its features beyond just that this is made to perform little actions like pulling, turning, or passing. This allows you to use keypads grabs onto the handles on the subway, carry grocery bags, etc without having any contact on these surfaces. This multitool is made up of copper material and naturally antimicrobial so that the germs that get on to it neutralizes in less than an hour.

Counter Sneeze Guards- We have already seen these in many stores and we think this would be used more and more in the grocery stores This counter sneeze guard doesn’t require any installation, can be move easily from one place to another and these are easy to clean as well. This is the best idea suggested by top false ceiling designer

Delivery- only Restaurants- Once this pandemic gets over, it will take some time for the restaurant owners to dine out in open. So as of now delivering the food at your doorsteps can be a fruitful option. And many big food chains are already using this option to deliver the favorite food of their customers.

Social Distancing parks- Tall trees and the elegant maze-like path seem very attractive to our eyes but with social distancing things with COVID-19, it has turned the tables.

No Coffee place at the office-Instead of having coffee breaks in working hour’s employees will prefer coffee at their desks. The same coffee machine will be used by multiple persons thus increasing the chances of infection

Preventive measures to be kept in mind during working hours

Here are some preventive measures suggested by preeminent false ceiling interior designer
Don’t forget to bring your water bottles thus taking water from the common water cooler may risky for you and other team members.
Don’t forget to bring your water bottles thus taking water from the common water cooler may risky for you and other team members.
Don’t share your lunch with any colleagues until the situation gets normal.


Currently, we are connecting with our colleagues through Microsoft teams, Google Meet, etc, and have tried to maintain composure in this face of this uncertainty. This flexibility is useful and it is a privilege for all of us.
But in reality, we all miss our daily schedules and in-person meetings with our clients. We are accommodating certain changes and will follow the social distancing guidelines to restrict the transmission of this deadly virus.
There would be more video calls and fewer in-person meetings. Despite the drastic impact business will continue but one thing is for sure that there would be major operational changes Post COVID-19.

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